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March 13, 2018: Dreaming BIG!

NEW work is brewing! These photographs of the longleaf pine are from my hike in Francis Marion National Forest. I plan on creating an image transfer print of each photo and then layering other images alongside it. The work will have no found objects in it as I develop this new body of work to apply for artist-in-residence opportunities next year within our National Parks systems. Dreaming BIG!

March 11, 2018: A Fresh Look

I took the morning to move my art around the studio and what I found was that the future work I am envisioning is in direct conversation with the work I did last year. I observed three ongoing themes: birds, nests, and the forest but all center around how my art practice connects me to the land. It’s nice to see this in a fresh way!

February 27: Nature Journal & Saplings

A few sketches in my nature journal of the longleaf pine saplings on the forest floor at Francis Marion National Forest. These saplings can take 5-12 years setting roots before it goes vertical. It has the potential to live 500 years!

Feb 2, 2018: Spanish Moss

This spanish moss is intricately woven as the base of this nest. The pine needles and leaves sit on top. I am designing these sculptures so the front can be seen as easily as the back.Look at the back of this nest!


January 28, 2018: Nest With Moss

This lovely nest will be carefully placed in one of my hand-built houses. I will weave in thin branches to balance and secure it within. This nest has pine needles, leaves, thorny vines to hold it together, and spanish moss on the back.