December 15, 2018: Wendy’s Nest

This piece is done! This one is for my dear friend Wendy. It is always a wonderful challenge to carefully build a commission piece. Please let me know if you have a special nest you would like built into a piece of art! 6.5″x10″x2.5″ nest, branches, soil, lichen, reclaimed teak wood from a boat.⠀

August 1, 2018: Commissioned Nest Sculpture

This beautiful nest is the beginning of a commission piece a friend has hired me to create. I am going to build it a little “home”. If you have a special nest you would like to have created into a piece of art, you can find more information in my SHOP or email me.

July 23: Interlace

Completed!  Having more studio time lately has given me an opportunity to figure out how to attach the glass without ruining the integrity of the larger piece.   I am calling it “Interlace”.

July 15: Side Job

This nest must have been built alongside a home or tree with that straight edge. It was a gift given to me by a dear friend. It was created with spanish moss, pine needles, and some other type of muddy vegetation. It even has a hollow egg in it! I plan to honor this gift …

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