December 30, 2018: Year Review

Thinking about my year in the studio. I really enjoyed making these little nest houses and the process really pulled on my strengths and interests. While they haven’t been accepted to the last three shows I applied them to, I will keep going. One thing about being an artist is the consistent rejection and self doubt. Sometimes I want to give it all up, feeling exhausted by putting my heart out there all the time. However most times I move forward with a stronger conviction for the work and my voice. Anyone putting something different or creative out there in the world are such badasses! We reveal our hearts, get rejected (sometimes accepted!), dust ourselves off and get to it again. Repeat. The reward is not the art world anyway. It’s this feeing of awe having created something I’ve never seen before and the joy of making materials become the idea that was in my mind. Thanks for seeing my work in this little spot on the internet and enjoying this process alongside me! Happy New Year!