June 2019: Paris & London

A visit to the Tate Modern in London….I had no idea this collage was this big! I have shown this piece of art by Henri Matisse to hundreds of my students and I have so much more to say now that I have seen it in person. Wow!

A visit to the Louvre in Paris…..While the Mona Lisa was…meh (not to mention people losing their marbles to get a pic), the Winged Victory of Samothrace (created 190 B.C. for goodness sake)was stunning! 
BUT what really took my breath away was the stained glass artistry in Sainte-Chapelle. A must-see in Paris if you plan to come to this gorgeous city.

This quiet little place in Montmartre, Paris was once the studio space for artists such as Pablo Picasso, George Braque, and Juan Gris who invented cubism and some say modern art. Later their buddies Henri Rousseau, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, Marie Laurencin, and many writers including Gertrude Stein joined the party. Walking these gorgeous streets, I completely understand why this place was and is magical.

Visited Claude Monet’s home and gardens today!

I was a little doubtful we would make it after fighting the Paris traffic. Whoh- it was intense out there with all the motorcycles weaving in and out of cars. Apparently that’s how they do things here.

It was worth the headache once we got there. We even found a great local brew at the nearby cafe. It was a perfect way to end our vacation.