Mixed Media

The mixed media process offers me an opportunity for telling stories with items collected at antique stores, roadside finds and constructed imagery through digital processes.  It also lends well to commissions for clients who would like to create a family heirloom.  Please see details below for past successful projects.

The Mechanism


“The Mechanism” was created by photographing and scanning various ephemeral and vintage items I collect.  I then use photo imaging computer software to collage, arrange, and layer each item.

In this particular image I started by scanning an antique photograph of a woman next to her motorcycle.  This photograph was purchased at a flea market in Berlin, Germany. She was my inspiration.   I then scanned in an image of farm equipment (gears) from a Sears Roebuck Catalogue from 1908.  This woman reminds me of my grandmother, so I photographed a few pages of her travel journals, which you see included in the upper left corner.  Lastly, I added the red cardinal.  It comes from The Baldwin Primer by May Kirk printed in 1899 to assist children in the beginning phases of learning.  This fit perfectly since my grandmother was a teacher, but also the symbolism for the cardinal is someone who is naturally energetic, loves life, and happy to help other people.  Yep, that’s her.

Commissioned Artwork

Charleston Supported Art (Inaugural Year)


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Private Collection: Family Heirloom

**Pictures and process coming soon**

Sampling of small commissioned works