The drawing process of pencil to paper offers an unhurried way of seeing and listening in a fast-paced world. My drawings are sometimes incorporated into sculpture and mixed-media work, while other times they serve simply as a process of learning and thinking.

Artist Statement

Reverence experienced through nature continually teaches me that I am connected to the earth.  In our current electronic fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget this connection.  Combining drawing, mixed media collage, and sculpture is a method of inquiry on this connection/disconnection.  Observing intently during walks in my suburban neighborhood and paddles in the local Lowcountry tidal creeks often become starting points. Sometimes graphite to paper is all I need to convey these experiences of awe.  Other times I feel moved to build and construct assemblages as an homage to my deep respect for nature. 


Sculptures in hand crafted wood boxes are a contemplation and conversation about environmental conservation.

My Process 2017

Get a peek inside my studio as I post the results of my creative challenge for 2017 and develop a series of new mixed media works with assembled nature pieces, photographs, drawings, and antique textbook imagery.

Art On View

Artwork on view now and yesterday.


Dust off the family heirlooms, photographs, letters, or special objects to come together in an original piece of art.


Find that special piece for your art collection. All art is for sale.

About Me

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Laura TWO Tina is a collaboration with fellow artist Laura Gaffke that spans more than ten years of mail art.