ABOUT MY ART:  Reverence experienced through nature continually teaches me that I am connected to the earth.  In our current electronic fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget this connection. Combining drawing, mixed media collage, and sculpture is a method of inquiry on this connection.  Observing intently during walks in my suburban neighborhood and paddles in the local Lowcountry tidal creeks often become starting points. Sometimes graphite to paper is all I need to convey these experiences of awe.  Other times I feel moved to build and construct assemblages as an homage to my deep respect for nature.



My art practice wanders from drawing to sculpture to inventive mixed media where many processes come together.  I enjoy chasing an idea with materials that best suit it.  Having a deep relationship with materials over several decades is most important for allowing an idea to come out of my head.  However, the adventure of learning new materials and processes adds that needed spark to ignite the work further. 



Collaboration is a cornerstone for how I live my life.  I am always curious what others can teach me in my day to day, as an art teacher, as well as in my personal art practice.  I met Laura Gaffke in graduate school where we developed a mail correspondence project which we still maintain today after TEN years.  We are one another’s sounding board and confidants as we work our way through this creative life. 



January 2, 2019

Sat down these last few days and did some composition studies for my upcoming mixed-media work. I plan to incorporate all that I have learned

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