The drawing process of pencil to paper offers an unhurried way of seeing and listening in a fast-paced world. My drawings are sometimes incorporated into sculpture and mixed-media work, while other times they serve simply as a process of learning and thinking.

Artist Statement

Nature is all that connects us physically and emotionally. There is a divide we set as humans to be separate from “nature” in order to provide shelter and comfort, however this divide has become dangerously vast as we see natural resources dwindling. Our comforts have removed us from the very thing that sustains us. Gary Snyder, the poet, has it correct when he writes “there is no nature, we are nature”. My process of assembling found objects and meditative drawing investigates detachment and connectedness with our nature in a fast-paced world.



Sculptures in hand crafted boxes with hinged doors are intented to be a contemplation and conversation about contemporary educational practices.


New Work 2016

Get a peek inside my studio as I post the results of my drawing challenge for 2016 and develop a series of new sculptural works with assembled nature pieces from my garden and the local marshlands.


Art On View

Artwork on view now and yesterday.



Dust off the family heirlooms, photographs, letters, or special objects to come together in an original piece of art.


About Me

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