October 15, 2018: Studio Tour & Collections

Cleaning the studio always makes me feel ready for creating. As I get busy the studio gets messier and messier because I am making work in the “in between” my various other commitments. I thought I would spend this week sharing a few studio shots of how I organize my studio. I had my studio built above my garage, so it is private enough being away from the main house and cozy with its slanted ceilings which follow the roofline. ⠀

These wooden flat files were made by my Dad back in 2000. He is a master in the woodshop. On top of the file are my nests awaiting their sculptural potential. Inside you will see various collections of maps, my artwork, my children’s art, and tools.

My bookshelf is what I continue to go back to for inspiration. I have carefully collected these books over decades. The bottom shelf holds all the sketchbooks I have kept since high school. On the top of the bookshelf, I have created a small collection of the larger body of work Laura Gaffke and I have been creating over years. Seeing our work keeps me thinking about it on a weekly basis.  See: www.LauraTWOTina.com

This messy little corner contains a lot. Feather collection, antique books, map of the Appalachian Trail (I always dream to hike it!), branches, my art, and that little painting on the floor- I made that in college. It was an assignment to paint in the cubist style. Kinda an absurd assignment given what I now know about art education, but there it is. A cubist tree.⠀

My Dad created that table (just like he made my flat files that I posted earlier). He made it for my small bowling-alley style kitchen in my very first apartment in Boston just after I got married in 1996. Still married to that guy!

Here is a close up of my feather collection. I also have some of my son’s clay sculptures, a tin box a student gave me where I put receipts, and another collection of antique books. That little piece of art you see in the right corner is for sale on my website if you are looking for a small gift for the holidays! I have photographed my feather collection and printed the photos on wood panels. Each one is unique.

This is the other half of my flat files that my Dad made. The flat files can be broken down into sections, which I have done because of my slanted/low ceilings. This section contains all my treasures for sculptures, glues, paint, and odds & ends. I can close it all up for a clean look, which I love. I have a few of my recent nest sculptures on top so I can see them while I create others. Because I often work in a series, my work is in conversation so it’s important to have it all out.

This is the last stop on my studio tour. Here is a close up picture of my drawer of treasures. I have found most of this, but friends now give me weird stuff they find along their path. I love that! Send the weird stuff to me!