September 29, 2019: Full Circle

So, I mapped out a series of work I have been building over several years for a solo show (you can view it all here on my website). I don’t know the venue yet but I believe it will come in time. I decided to add doors to this piece and incorporate two drawings on the inside of the doors covered in glass and framed with these notched roadside-find wood pieces.

Some days in the studio are a frenzy of ideas pouring out that I am simply trying to keep up with and others are just quiet stillness. Today is the frenzy type. This frenzy is not just for my studio work but also pouring out about my teaching practice, personal wellness, and home projects. Dang! Enjoying the ride!

This piece is a bridge to my earlier work from 2009-2014 where I constructed large wood boxes with doors contemplating my experiences as a mother and teacher. Coming full circle feels so satisfying! Like bumping into an old friend and picking up right where you left off.