Drawing Challenge 2016


My challenge for 2016 is to complete one drawing a week.  These will vary in size from 8×10, 11×14, or 12×12.  My intention is to increase my time in the studio therefore I will draw during the week, rather than my usual studio time on the weekends.   With all of my other full-time commitments this is a stretch for me, but I am ready.

My time commitment is at least one hour.  My studio is set up with the supplies so I literally just have to show up in that chair.

These drawings are visual meditations. I take one item found in nature, draw with graphite, and add pastels and textures in an improvisational way.   The goal is to slow my mind down, observe closely, and enjoy more some studio time.  As these drawings progress I will offer them for sale.

January 2016