August 1, 2018: Commissioned Nest Sculpture

This beautiful nest is the beginning of a commission piece a friend has hired me to create. I am going to build it a little “home”. If you have a special nest you would like to have created into a piece of art, you can find more information in my SHOP or email me.

July 27: Obi!

This is my dog Obi!  He is three years old and is now retired from the racing industry.  He was born in Iowa, transported to Florida where he never raced well and was put into the adoption system (they used to exterminate ex-racers) just before his second birthday.  We can’t even imagine a time without him.  …

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July 23: Interlace

Completed!  Having more studio time lately has given me an opportunity to figure out how to attach the glass without ruining the integrity of the larger piece.   I am calling it “Interlace”.

July 15: Side Job

This nest must have been built alongside a home or tree with that straight edge. It was a gift given to me by a dear friend. It was created with spanish moss, pine needles, and some other type of muddy vegetation. It even has a hollow egg in it! I plan to honor this gift …

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March 6, 2018: Sweetgum Drawing

Graphite drawing of the sweetgum seeds I found on the trails at James Island County Park. This one is available for purchase on my website if you are looking for some affordable original art.

February 22, 2018: Moon Map

I am making studio time for my correspondence art project with Laura Gaffke. These artworks of hers inspired my moon map (lower right). I dug into our collection and found some of her work from 2012! Read the letter I wrote her about the work at our website  

Feb 2, 2018: Spanish Moss

This spanish moss is intricately woven as the base of this nest. The pine needles and leaves sit on top. I am designing these sculptures so the front can be seen as easily as the back.Look at the back of this nest!  

January 16, 2018: Loop

“Loop” 7″x11″x3″ wood (repurposed teak from a boat), branches, grass leaves, nest, map, plexiglass. I completed this piece after months of troubleshooting glass vs. plexiglass. I ended up with plexiglass because I can remove it easily (screws) if needed and has an added UVA protection. This particular piece is staying in my private collection. My …

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