My Dad taught me how to use a table saw years ago. I still use the original saw found for me at a garage sale. It is small enough to move around my studio and perfect for my needs.  I have since added more saws and tools.  He still consults on my projects when I need advice on these wood structures.  This part of my practice can be the most thrilling since I am always learning something new and problem-solving. The ideas behind this work are the same as my drawing and mixed media practice but played out in three dimensions.  The house shape came about as I experienced nature as home. [wc_divider style=”dotted” line=”single” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” class=””][/wc_divider]

Homage To Nature 2017-18

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These sculptures are intended to be a contemplation and conversation about contemporary educational practices.  Specifically, the work addresses the recent detrimental movement toward high-stakes testing to assess student learning and potential.  The interplay of visual images and written language deconstruct the notion of a student in one-dimension as these tests suggest.

The work invites engagement. Opening the hinged doors, a physical touch, is intended to start a dialogue. Text is often placed on the outside and inside of these boxes to entice the viewer to consider how human qualities such as imagination, invention, intuition, and compassion are integral pieces to educational success.


“Interlace”  Nest, Tree Branches, reclaimed teak wood from boat, white feather, glass    15″x9″x3″     2018



Nest, Tree Branches, reclaimed teak wood from boat, white feather, glass