The drawing process of pencil to paper offers an unhurried way of seeing and listening in a fast-paced world.  My drawings are sometimes incorporated into sculpture and mixed-media work, while other times they serve simply as a process of learning and thinking.

My drawing practice encompasses traditional drawing materials such as graphite, charcoal, and chalk pastels with an added contemporary element of sewn found objects, layered textures, and non-traditional papers such as maps and antique book pages.


In 2017 I studied my surrounding suburban neighborhood through walking the streets and kayaking through Seaside Creek.  Each month I decided on one subject.  It ended up being a study on birds.  I took this drawing one step further and incorporated it (image transfer prints) into a mixed media piece of art.  All of these are available for purchase in my SHOP.

Sewn Drawing

I am curious about the intersection of life and our illusions of life.  I began this series with the intention of experimenting with sewing natural objects on paper and adding my thoughts about it with graphite.  This is an idea I am still curious about and will circle back around some day.

Meditation Drawing

In 2016 I began a meditation practice.  Each week I drew one object from nature. See the full series HERE and purchase one HERE.

 Feather Portrait Drawing

I have a large feather collection which I enjoyed studying in detail in these pastel drawings.

 Assemblage Drawing

These works are the beginning of incorporating drawing and collage.  What I discovered here about layering, shading with graphite on various papers, and sewing allowed me to create the Sewn Drawing series and Flight.  Each new series builds on the next.